'The Haves and the Have Nots' recap: 'The Sarandon Hotel'

By Marie Blake,

Last week, Benny is getting back into the swing of things and even has a new love interest, Darlene, Quincy roams the street in search for Candace who we believe is dead, and Amanda still has her gun.

Although we saw Candace shot, it turns out she is still alive. It appears as if she was not even shot. Crying, she unties herself and starts walking away in the dark woods.

Jim gets home with Amanda. She is upset, not wanting to be home. Katheryn asked Jim if he's sure she is okay. He tells her that she called the doctor, and asks about the gun, but Jim tells her there is no gun.

Jeffrey and his date, Melissa, are at his place. She asks to come upstairs, and Jeffrey tries to send her away, but she goes upstairs anyway. Melissa starts to seduce Jeffrey, kissing him and undressing him. She gets him into bed and he is obviously uncomfortable.

Candace goes back to her apartment and rings the landlord to let her in. He lets her into the apartment which has been emptied out completely, including her stuff. The landlord leaves her alone as she cries and worries about her belongings and all of her furniture and clothes.

Quincy approaches a man named Warlock and his posse looking for Candace. They tell him that she is in law school and is out of the dangerous life. Warlock warns Quincy not to come around anymore.

Jeffrey is in bed with Melissa asleep next to him. He gets out of bed, still upset, and makes a phone call to Landon and they plan to meet.

In Her Room, Amanda dances with the gun in her hand. She walks through the hall and into Wyatt's room, and points the gun at his head, "eenie," she then goes into Katheryn's room and points the gun at her head, "meenie," she goes back into the hall and points the gun at her own head, "miney," Jim runs into her in the hall, and she hides the gun and tells him she's going to bed.

Jeffrey meets Landon at the hotel. He tells Landon about Melissa, and how he was set up on a date with her, and eventually slept with her. He also tells Landon that he didn't use any protection. Landon asks if He thinks this makes him straight now, and Jeffrey says no. Landon continues about having a heart to heart with Jeffrey, telling him not to go into the path of reckless behavior, to just be himself and stand up to his mother.

Jeffrey tells him that he can't go back to his apartment because Melissa is still there. So Landon invites him up to his hotel room.

At the Hospital, Hanna and Benny are waiting to be discharged, but she gets news that she has to pay her bill before they can leave, she owes over $120,000. However, the doctor came by and reassured the nurse that Katheryn has already covered everything. Two detectives approach Hanna about testifying against Wyatt. Hannah asks for Byron, but they tell her that they do not know who Byron is, and that they are the only ones working the case. They ask if she is sure that she will testify against Wyatt, and she tells them yes.

Veronica goes to Katheryn's home. She tells Katheryn that she and David have been struggling, but she is on her way to surprise him and have breakfast. Thy confirm their plans for dinner that night, and Veronica tells Katheryn about Jeffrey's new girlfriend.

Candace goes to Warlock for some help. She finds out that Quincy was out of prison. She tells Warlock that she wants him to get Jim so that she can take care of him. Knowing Jim's power, Warlock is reluctant, but Candace promises him $100,000, so he agrees.

Candace also found out that Benny is still alive, and that Hanna is throwing him a surprise party.

Landon wakes up Jeffrey the next morning. giving him a toothbrush. Melissa has been calling Jeffrey, and Landon tells him that he needs to tell Melissa the truth.

Maggie goes to David's room to apologize, and he forgives her and invites her inside. She tells him that she wishes he were running for governor rather than Jim. They get ready to leave, and as Maggie opens the door, Veronica is outside. As David tries to explain, she gets ready to walk away, just as Landon and Jeffrey leave their room. Tension is in the air.

Next week, Veronica gets even more upset with Maggie and Landon, Benny is home, Amanda runs away with someone bad and Candace goes back to being Candace.

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