'The Haves and the Have Nots' recap: 'Something's Wrong with Amanda'

By Marie Blake,

Last week, Benny goes back home, Amanda runs away with Quincy, Jeffrey and his mother have a long chat, and Candace plots revenge.

Wyatt asks Celine about Byron, but she tells him that she doesn't know anything. She then tells him that Amanda left with someone. Wyatt scolds her for her negligence and tells her that she doesn't care about them like she used to.

Wyatt tells his mom that Amanda left with someone. She also scolds Celine, who tells her that she has her own son at home and doesn't need to worry about Katheryne's grown children anymore.

Landon is helping someone new, Carlos, around the campaign office. Jim walks in and Landon introduces them. When Jim goes into his office, Landon asks Carlos why he was staring at Jim so long, thinking he was gay, but Carlos tells him it wont happen again.

Jim goes to talk to David about Hanna and her statement against Wyatt. David asks about Candace, and Jim told him that she is fine and won't be bothering them. He also tells David that Candace was never pregnant, and that he may have a solution for the Wyatt situation.

They then talk about each other's wives, including Veronica holding on to Jeffrey's car. David tells Jim about Veronica walking in on him and Maggie. Jim asks if David and Maggie are sleeping together, but isn't convinced when David tells him no. David gets a call from his mother-in-law and leaves.

Jim gets a call from Katheryn, and she tells him Amanda is gone. Celine tells Jim what the man looked liked and then gives the phone back. Katheryn is prepared to fire Celine, but Wyatt walks in to let her know that Amanda is back.

Outside, Amanda, newly tattooed, invites Quincy over for dinner later that night. Katheryn and Wyatt walk outside. Amanda tells them that Quincy is her boyfriend on her way inside. Katheryn tells Wyatt to call the doctor.

Jeffrey returns to his apartment and sees that Melissa is still there. She tries to make an excuse to stay, and tells Jeffrey that she wants to see him again. She tells him that Veronica called her asking when they would see each other again. They talk about STD's and former sexual partners. She admits to having 6 former partners, and is led to believe that Jeffrey has had more.

Candace shows up and is highly confused. Melissa thinks Candace is currently in a relationship with Jeffrey and leaves. She tries to get Jeffrey to explain the situation, realizing that his mom is behind the whole thing. To change the situation, Jeffrey asks about Amanda. Candace tells him that she is talking about killing her family, and that she is seeing Quincy. Jeffrey tells her she can stay as long as she needs to.

Jim gets home and finds out that Amanda is back. Katheryn tells him that the guy she was with is her boyfriend. The doctor is on his way and Jim is okay with that as long as he doesn't admit her into an institution.

Jim goes up to talk to Amanda. She tells him that the guy's name is Quincy, Candace's ex boyfriend. She tells him that Quincy is coming to dinner. Wyatt comes in and tells him that the police are there.

Jim tells Wyatt to go to his room. He goes downstairs and finds Jennifer, there to arrest Wyatt. However, her warrant doesn't allow her to search through the house, and she leaves to get one.

Benny talks to his mom, asking her not to get angry with him. Someone knocks on the door, it's Tony. Benny wants all of them to talk, but Hanna isn't saying anything. Tony admits to being engaged when he was with Hanna. Hanna brings up Tony's current health, and asks him to tell Benny about what he was going to do, but he doesn't say anything. Candace calls and Benny goes outside.

Tony tries to talk to Hanna, but she maintains a stern look on her face and says nothing, so he decides to leave.

Candace and Benny come back inside and he tries to get them to get along. Hanna asks where Candace's baby is. She tells Candace and Benny that Quincy was in her home looking for Candace, and Benny gets upset, ready to fight. Hanna keeps pressuring Candace about where her baby is and Candace finally admits that the baby is dead.

Next week, the final episode of the season, Wyatt may get arrested, Amanda gets her gun cocked and loaded, and Benny is ready to handle the situation with Quincy.

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