Head of YouTube music subscription service resigns

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

Chris LaRosa, who has been the head of YouTube's effort to launch a music subscription service on the site since its initial debut, is leaving the project and Google for another job. He is the second in a year to leave the music area of YouTube.

LaRosa's resignation leaves another hurdle for YouTube and its attempt to launch a paid subscription service in the music industry, reports The Wall Street Journal. Other issues that have arisen include arguments about how the services should be designed, and the fees associated with such an idea.

There has been concern among major music labels with how freely available music and music videos are on YouTube, which could affect revenues and other subscription services, such as Pandora or Spotify.

In regards to LaRosa's resignation and the effect it would have on the music subscription project, YouTube said in a statement to Social Times: “It’s a loss and he will be missed, but there are several people, senior and front-line, working on music. We’re not that concerned, from a product perspective."



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