Health officials close 13 beaches due to bacteria levels

By Amanda Stewart,

Health officials have closed 13 Long Island beaches for swimming after testing the waters and finding that there is too much bacteria present to be safe for swimming.

Nassau County health officials have closed 10 of the North Shore beaches and one South Shore on Saturday, according Newsday.

Officials blame Hurricane Arthur for the rise in bacteria, according to Tech Times.

Storm runoff can take bacteria and put them into streams and bays, which can cause the bacteria levels in the ocean to spike. Two beaches in Suffolk County have also been closed due to bacteria levels in the ocean’s water.

The health department has closed the following North Shore beaches: Centre Island Sound, Creek Club, Lattingtown Beach, Laurel Hollow Beach, Piping Rock Beach Club, Pryibil Beach, Ransom Beach, Theodore Roosevelt Beach, Soundside Beach and Stehil Beach. Biltmore Beach Club on the South Shore is also closed to swimmers because of the levels of bacteria.

Sixty-eight beaches in Boston, just to the south, remain open after the heavy rains caused by Hurricane Arthur. Officials have tested the swimming water for bacteria levels and said that they are safe for swimmers in Boston, but the Long Island beaches are no where near being safe yet.

Swimmers were also advised to watch out for rip currents caused by Hurricane Arthur.

For more information about the beach closings in the Long Island area, call (516) 227-9717.



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