'Heroes of Cosplay' Recap: Wizard World New Orleans-Part 1

By Neil C. Rasbury,

On the last episode of Heroes of Cosplay, it was all about the heroines of the show and they all came out victorious. However, this show comes in two parts so we watch all of our heroes and heroines prepare for this important event.

So it seems that in the beginning of the episode we see that Yaya Han has a dilemma as she has to make an original costume and debut a new costume with the help of stilts. Back in Atlanta, we have Riki, Indra, and new cosplayer added to the list Katie discussing cosplay options for a group cosplay with Soul Calibur IV characters. While the L.A. group, Holly, Jess, and Chloe are working on a Peter Pan cosplay inspired by the work of Guillermo del Toro. However, back in the Atlanta group, it appears that Katie is struggling.

However, this week it seems its all about the heroes. We see Carl back in Texas working on his Haunt costume, while we see Jesse work on making armor for the The Hobbit cosplay of Thorin Oakinshield, and Miguel is working on his Shazam from Injustice cosplay.

On the day of the con, we see Jessica, Holly, and Chloe meet up with Jesse and wish him well.

In the competition Jesse wins Best Hero, Miguel wins an honorable mention, while Carl comes up short.



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