Horse rescued from Tennessee sinkhole

By Michelle Kapusta,

Rescue crews in Tennessee worked to save a horse that became trapped in a sinkhole near a ranch on Thursday morning.

WTVF reported that officials said the horse's owner came out to ride him and found the poor animal in a 10 foot sinkhole. The owner believes that the horse, named Boomer, fell into the hole after something spooked him.

The Tennessean noted that the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency tried to free the trapped horse for hours. A veterinarian and a wrecking service were also called to the scene.

"It's kind of complicated," said WEMA dispatcher Adam Spears.

In the end, the wrecking service used a harness to lift Boomer up and out of the hole. He was not injured.

Boomer was sedated during the rescue and was sleeping comfortably after it was over, Lt. James Copas with WEMA said.

The sinkhole is reportedly on a piece of land that surrounds the gated ranch and has been on the property for quite some time.

image via Twitter from Cuthbert Langley



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