Houston Astros, No. 1 pick Brady Aiken are not on good terms

By Ricky Yandoli,

The great relationship the Houston Astros had with high school number one draft pick Brady Aiken is now a rocky one to say the least.

After the Astros offered the 17-year-old a $6.5 million signing bonus, they reduced the offer to a $5 million deal. It has been speculated that the Astros believe Aiken has a small abnormality near the ligament in his left elbow, according to CBS Sports.

As of today, the contract offer has been lowered to a $3.1 million deal, reports USA Today. Adviser Casey Close strongly feels the Astros are doing whatever they can to lower Aiken's contract, compared to what they originally agreed open.

Executive director of the players union Tony Clark concurs that something has gone wrong between the Houston Astros and the evaluation of the high school draft pick.

"It is disappointing on any number of levels to think what has happened," said Clark. "The manipulation that we think happened is going to lead us to have some conversations."

There will have to be multiple conversations with the MLB head honchos to fix the Houston Astros situation so everyone involved can move forward.



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