'Jennifer Falls' recap: 'Three Dates with my Mother'

By Samantha Glick,

This week on Jennifer Falls, Jennifer began seeing a therapist because of the communication issues she had with Maggie. Gretchen was relieved the entrapment she felt by Jennifer. Stephanie had to stand down as leader in her marriage to Wayne, while he was allowed to make important decisions regarding the sports bar.

In the opening scene of the episode, we are given a glimpse of how Stephanie has maintained control over her husband's business. Wayne argued with psycho Steve over Cajun wings being a menu item. When he is proven they are on the menu, it is revealed that Stephanie once again changed the menu without consulting her husband. This is just one of the many times throughout the series already that Wayne is railroaded into doing something he doesn't want to do by his wife.

Maggie arrived at the bar with lunch for Jennifer. Jennifer seemed uninterested in the ham-and-brie combo on whole wheat bread, while Wayne offered to have it. He claimed his love for brie, but Maggie only paid attention to Jennifer's "pushing love away." Jennifer wanted the sandwich just so her mother would leave her alone, thus leaving Wayne with no food.

Jennifer learned through her mother that Gretchen had gone out despite not finishing her homework. Maggie referenced not telling her things if she won't hear them. At this point, Jennifer looked to the audience, tired of the disrespect she gets from her mother.

She went to Dina for advice as they drove her delivery route. It is there she admitted to seeing a therapist to deal with all the stress put on by living with her mother. Dina didn't believe in going to therapy; she would just go to her happy place. As she demonstrated doing so, we are given another comedy bit as Jennifer had to take the wheel, while Dina closed her eyes, still driving. Her happy place included sitting poolside with a cabana boy named Alejandro. Jennifer tried it, but Maggie found a way into her relaxation.

The therapist wanted to do a family session with the Doyles, making Maggie skeptical. She believed the session would be used by the therapist as an easy way to blame her for the family's problems.

We get to the session where everyone had grievances to air. Stephanie attempted to control Wayne's behavior, Gretchen complained about having no freedom, and Maggie would rather online shop than listen.

As a result, the therapist gave everyone homework based on what he heard during the session. Wayne wanted power, so he was allowed to make business decisions and see them through. Stephanie had to support him no matter what. Gretchen received a week of freedom to do what she wanted without interference from her mother. Jennifer and Maggie had to go on a date where they would start a dialogue about things that made them uncomfortable.

The homework did not work for anyone, except maybe Gretchen. Jennifer and Maggie did not start a dialogue; Maggie was more interested in picking up a man from Tulsa who joined them for dinner. Jennifer mentioned hearing cool jazz and giggling from the end of the hallway that night, which could only mean one thing... Wayne bought a karaoke machine and began 24-hour happy hour at the bar by giving away food and drinks. Dina enjoyed the happy hour, belting out songs and dedicating them to Alejandro. Gretchen ran wild with her freedom as Jennifer was forced to watch without doing anything.

At the next session, the therapist encouraged everyone to continue their homework. Everything turned bad when Jennifer accused her mother of not being more open to her, while Stephanie took her lack of control out on a Styrofoam cup. Gretchen arrived with a tan and new wardrobe, stating she would not be attending the session. The therapist used his bullhorn to get everyone under control. Maggie enjoyed watching him lose control of the group as she dismissed his advice. Before leaving, she scoffed at his doctorate from Florida State.

It's not until Jennifer and Maggie are stuck in an elevator that they finally discuss their problems. Maggie admitted to her daughter that her mother was cold and critical towards her growing up. Jennifer finally understood why she had such a hard time admitting she was wrong. Just when we may finally see Maggie open up more, she is caught having a sandwich the entire time they were stuck.

Gretchen begged the therapist to take away her freedom at the next session because she was under a lot of pressure. Wayne gave Stephanie permission to regain control of his life. She took out her aggression on the karaoke machine with a baseball bat, while Dina was still using it. Jennifer and Maggie go on their dinner date again with no interference from outside sources.

I'm glad to see Jennifer and Maggie getting along better now that they've had their breakthrough. Next week, we will celebrate Gretchen's birthday with a surprise visitor. Chris D'Elia will guest star as Adam, Gretchen's father, who makes her birthday memorable.

Quote of the Week: "We are two attractive women stuck in an elevator. That should get them moving," - Maggie when she and Jennifer were trapped in the elevator.

Image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com



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