Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm get messy on ‘The Tonight Show’

By Aubrie Reichardt,

Jimmy Fallon loves to have fun with his guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Recently, he worked out with Dwayne Johnson and talked to Morgan Freeman with balloon helium. On Friday night Jon Hamm came on to have some fun with Fallon. Hamm has been on before to do some funny skits with Fallon so he is not new to Fallon’s shenanigans. Fallon tweeted about how this show was one of his favorites.

Before Hamm even came on the show, Fallon and his co-star Steve Higgins had way too much fun with the “Thank You Notes” sketch. Higgins started a selling crack cocaine joke and the two kept it going through the sketch. When Hamm came on, he went along with Higgins and Fallon’s joke, then Hamm and Fallon did their own skit. Hamm and Fallon made a '80s show they were in together called Palisades Park Pet Patrol, says The Huffington Post. The two dressed in park uniforms and spit food in each other’s faces while saying words with P.

Hamm has played Fallon’s game “Water War” before and the two photobombed tourists at Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock, according to Today.

Here is part one of “Palisades Park Pet Patrol” sketch.

Photo Credit: INFphoto.com.



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