Jimmy Page jokes about taking on Led Zeppelin solo

By Elizabeth Learned,

Jimmy Page has made a joke about taking Led Zeppelin on as his own as a solo act.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Page was at the London Silver Clef Awards on Friday when he mentioned some fan polls. The fans have stated, en masse, that they want Led Zeppelin to be the headliner at the Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom.

He reportedly said he agreed with the polls before adding a sarcastic comment, “Maybe I could just go out on my own then and call myself Led Zeppelin.”

Former Led Zeppelin front man, Robert Plant, has reportedly not wanted to reunite with the band, hence the reason for the joke.

Page noticed that many of the Led Zeppelin fans that are enthusiastic about the music are younger fans, not the older fans he had first expected. “I think the reason people want it is the fact Led Zeppelin’s music has touched people all the way through and every year seems to bring new young musicians and a new audience.”

NME reported that the head of Glastonbury, Michael Evis, had said in April that he thought the band would come back together to perform once again. Their last performance as a band was in 2007, where the son of the late drummer John Bonham joined the band for the show.

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