John Rhys-Davies joins 'Once Upon A Time' in 'Frozen' role

By Krista Frost,

The upcoming season of Once Upon a Time has fans waiting for the changes that will make the fourth season the most exciting yet. In addition to characters from the film Frozen joining the roster for the new season, it has also been announced that John Rhys-Davies, best known for playing Gimli from Lord of the Rings, will be joining the show.

Adam Horowitz, executive producer of Once Upon a Time, announced via Twitter on Monday evening that Davies will join the Frozen cast.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the actor will play Pabbie the Troll King from Frozen, a gentle and wise character. Davies is currently only in one episode that will air this season, but may appear in more episodes later on.

Exclusive clips were shown to the audience of Comic-Con from the new Frozen episodes on Once Upon a Time. The new season is set to air on Sept. 28 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

As we previously reported, Prince Hans will be played by Shameless actor Tyler Jacob Moore.

In addition to LOTR, Rhys-Davies is also known for his role in the first and third Indiana Jones films.



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