John Travolta pilot and alleged gay lover will get to test confidentiality agreement in court

By Daniel S Levine,

John Travolta has tried to keep former pilot Douglas Gotterba, who worked for him during the 1980s, quiet about his time with the actor, but he failed to keep Gotterba from going to court over a confidentiality agreement. Gotterba won a major legal victory on Tuesday in California and will be able to argue the validity of the agreement in court.

Gotterba flew the Saturday Night Fever actor around for six years, but has said in subsequent interviews that he had an affair with Travolta. According to The Hollywood Reporter, when Gotterba left Travolta’s Alto company, he signed a written termination agreement. However, he still went to tabloids - including the National Enquirer - to talk about his personal relationship with his employer.

Now, Gotterba is hoping to publish a tell-all book. Marty Singer, Travolta’s watchdog lawyer, then sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Enquirer’s parent company and warned Gotterba’s lawyer. He did receive a copy of the termination agreement Singer is relying on and claims it is “not authentic.”

According to the Daily News, Gotterba claims that the termination letter didn’t include a confidentiality agreement. Singer argued otherwise, claiming that Travolta has a letter Gotterba signed without legal representation present.

Gotterba then sued to have a judge rule on the validity of the confidentiality agreement. Now that the California appeals court has said that he can, of course Gotterba plans on going ahead with his suit.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Gotterba told the Daily News when asked if he would. However, he offered no further comment.

In his 2012 interview with the Enquirer, Gotterba claims that he was first interviewed by Alto in February 1981. Later that year, he began an affair with Travolta. In March 1987, he was fired.

Singer, of course, believes that Gotterba’s case will be dismissed.

“Gotterba points to an unsigned draft agreement, which he now claims is the controlling document in the case, yet he attached as an exhibit to his own complaint the final version of the contract that he signed barring his claim,” Singer told the Daily News. “We are very confident that in the end we will prevail in the action.”

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