Johnny Manziel has sit-down with Browns coach Mike Pettine

By Robby Sabo,

For Johnny Manziel, life in the NFL has already begun, with numerous pictures and videos of the outgoing rookie surfacing across the web. First-year Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine is also fully active in trying to “harness” or at least “deal with” the youngster’s off-the-field activities.

Pettine recently sat down with the rookie QB to discuss these activities, especially the one troubling picture of Manziel reportedly in a Las Vegas bathroom with a rolled-up bill.

"I don't want to get into a [public] discussion of every picture that comes out, but I talked to him about it," Pettite told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, CBS Sports reports. "We anticipate this will quiet down once the season starts. As committed as Johnny is to football, this stuff should not be an issue once camp gets underway."

Manziel will be battling Brian Hoyer for the Browns starting QB position this summer. It’s a classic example of the stable-veteran going up against the enthusiastic-rookie. Hoyer, 28, went 3-0 with five TD passes is in only three-starts of the season last year, according to ClevelandBrowns.com.

Some think Manziel is the second-coming of Joe Namath. Off-the-field activities increase the legend of an already talented football player. The allure, the mystique, it all adds to the total-package of the partying and polarizing Manziel. The only issue right now is he has yet to step on an NFL field yet.

Manziel might be the most discussed topic in a league that is loaded with storylines. Opinions on what Manziel will do in the league are mixed to say the least. One thing is for sure, if he trips up at all during any of his off-the-field activities, then his act immediately goes from being “cute” to being “idiotic.”



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