Jose Canseco tries to apologize to Mark McGwire, again

By Brian McMahon,
Canseco took to Twitter to apologize to McGwire, who he ratted out for using steroids in 2005.

Jose Canseco just won't go away. The whistle-blower on the use of steroids in Major League Baseball has attempted to reconcile his relationship with Mark McGwire, his former teammate with the Oakland Athletics.

Canseco wrote Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big in 2005, a tell-all book about the widespread use of steroids in the MLB. In the book, Canseco named multiple players who were using steroids, including his former Bash Brother, McGwire.

The Athletics had a 25 year anniversary for their 1989 World Series title recently, where Canseco apologized to McGwire for naming him in the book.

Canseco then offered an apology to McGwire on Twitter on Wednesday. The gesture may have felt more sincere had Canseco actually spelled his name correctly.

"It's too late. I don't care to ever speak to him again," McGwire told ESPN Los Angeles.

ESPN notes that this is not the first time Canseco has tried to apologize to McGwire. Back in 2012, he wore a shirt that read "Sorry for everything, Mark" to a Cardinals game. At the time, McGwire was the hitting coach for the Cardinals.

McGwire no doubt sees Canseco as the reason he has not been voted into the Hall of Fame, even though he has hit the 10th most home runs in MLB history with 583.

This is merely another attempt for Canseco to get back in the media. Canseco appeared on Season 5 of VH1's The Surreal Life, which gets a bunch of D-list celebrities to live together and shame themselves for a few weeks.

Canseco's recent attempts to get attention may be to create buzz for a new science fiction movie he will be appearing in, Piranha Sharks. Hopefully his acting career takes off so he can stay away from baseball for good.

image courtesy of Scott Kirkland/INFphoto.com



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