Joyriding teen forced to hold sign at busy intersection

By Melissa Barclay,

15 year-old Alejandro thought he would get away with joyriding, but his parents stopped him in his tracks.

Last Wednesday, the teen took his parents’ Mercedes-Benz for a ride while they were out of the house.

Alejandro was caught when his parents returned home and found the fan belt still running and footprints around the car, reported the Daily Mail.

According to Fox News, Alejandro’s cousin was the one actually driving but as punishment for being a ‘follower’, Alejandro was forced to hold a sign at a busy intersection in North Miami.

“Because I am a follower, I allow my cousin to influence me to take my step dad's car without his permission to joy ride. My name is Alejandro, and I am 15 yrs old,” the sign read.

People passing by gave the teen a message.

“It takes a split second to kill somebody in a car, a split second, and you know who they coming after? Not the fool you lend the car to; they coming after your parents,” one passerby said.

Even the North Miami police stopped by, telling the teen he could get arrested if he joyrides again.

The water damage the car suffered will be taken care of by Alejandro, who will do chores to earn the money.



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