Judge to allow sale of Clippers, Donald Sterling loses blocking bid

By Leighton Schneider ,

A judge from the California Supreme Court has ruled that Donald Sterling cannot stop the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers, after his wife and Steve Ballmer agreed to a $2 billion sale earlier this year.

The judge said the Rochelle Sterling was a better witness than her husband Donald during testimony, according to USA Today.

“Rochelle testimony was far and away more credible than Donald,” Judge Michael Levanas said. “Donald’s answers were often evasive and, in one instance, were inconsistent with his previous testimony.”

Levanas also said that the sale can happen immediately, according to The New York Times.

Sterling also has two lawsuits that are pending, one against his wife and Ballmer arguing that they violated corporate law and another seeking $1 billion in damages against the NBA.

Ballmer, a former CEO of Microsoft, has said that he wants the deal for the Clippers done by Aug. 15, which is one month before NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has said the league would strip the Sterling’s ownership.

In April, Silver banned Sterling from anything to do with the NBA for life, as we previously reported.

Just last week, Clippers head coach said he would not coach the Clippers next season if Sterling was still the owner.



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