Kacy Catanzaro becomes first woman to reach 'American Ninja Warrior' finals

By Melissa Barclay,

Kacy Catanzaro stood in front of the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course with a determined, yet calm expression. Catanzaro made the obstacle course look easy as she demonstrated strength and patience.

When Catanzaro finished the course, she made history as the first woman to do so, reports Good Morning America.

The five-foot tall former gymnast stood on the plat form as the first woman to make the finals for the hit NBC show.

“I’ve worked so hard and it’s been a dream come true,” Catanzaro said in an interview with Vulture.

Catanzaro worked out up to six days per week with trainer, and boyfriend, Brent Steffensen. The pair trained together for two years before Catanzaro appeared again to take on the course.

She had tried out twice before, but Catanzaro said this time was different.

The first time competing for her was a mental challenge. “Being a rookie out there is a lot different because there’s a lot on your plate: all the cameras, all the people, all the pressure," she said.

Catanzaro's past failures on the show didn't stop her. She changed the way she ate and trained. A strict diet and workout schedules increased Catanzaro's strength. Processed foods were avoided and body weight and circuit exercises were incorporated.

"My goal is to be as light and lean and strong as possible for the course," Catanzaro said.

By beefing up her mental strength, and with the support of her boyfriend, Catanzaro made it to the finish line.

American Ninja Warrior airs on NBC on Mondays.



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