Kanye West booed for a second night at London's Wireless Festival

By Kyle Johnson,

Apparently Kanye West didn't learn anything after being booed on Friday night for his 20-minute rant as he was at it again Saturday night at the Wireless Festival, so much so that fans chanted for Drake, who West replaced.

West was able to last all of 15 minutes at Finsbury Park, during which he covered some of Drake's songs, since the rapper bowed out, but then West went right back to ranting, according to The Mirror.

He paused and addressed the crowd, saying, "The only reason I'm on this stage right now is ya'll my clique." West added, "You know I go to the studio till 3 a.m. so you can listen to the music in your car."

The boos began as fans unsurprisingly wanted to hear music at a concert. After claiming he is a shy person in real life, another round of boos started up and people began chanting "we want Drake."

Just the night before West went off on a 20-minute rant unrelated to the music festival, deciding right then was the best time to complain about the fashion industry and the media.

While wearing a bejeweled mask that completely covered his face, West claimed the fashion industry was discriminating against him and that the media was out to make him appear to be "stupid or something."

So with back-to-back nights of boos, West can say he's been heckled three times in the span of less than a month.

image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com



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