Katt Williams continues to deny pulling a gun, four men say he smashed their car with it

By Gina DiFalco,

After the alleged incident in which comedian Katt Williams pulled out a gun at a Los Angeles comedy club, his victims are speaking out. Williams has denied the incident, saying he was the one being threatened with a gun.

As we previously reported, Williams has been accused of drawing a gun on a heckler in the audience at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood. Multiple cop cars arrived to the scene but the comedian had already left by the time they got there.

Four men are now telling TMZ a very detailed story about what they claim happened that night. They said they were outside of the comedy club filming their documentary From the Hood to Hollywood when they approached Williams about being in it but he became confrontational and refused.

The men, who say they will be filing a lawsuit against him, then say Williams smashed a window in their car with the end of his gun and one man received injuries from the glass.

"Whatever the gangbangers say,” was Williams’ response to their story.

Williams was arrested for a similar exchange outside of Hollywood nightclub in 2012. Fellow comedian, Faizon Love, said at the time that they had a minor argument outside the club that resulted in Williams retrieving a gun from his car.

image via Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com



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