Kevin Smith announces 'True North Trilogy' as 'Tusk' trailer premieres

By Will Ashton,

A Comic-Con without Kevin Smith would be like a family reunion without one's favorite aunt, it wouldn't be the same. Smith and Comic-Con have been working together for years, and this year is no exception. This time, however, Smith decided to premiere the first trailer for his newest movie Tusk while also announcing his plans to make a "True North Trilogy."

Slashfilm had a recap of Smith's annual panel in Hall H, which kicked off with the world premiere of the trailer for Tusk. Fans don't have to worry if they didn't get to be there since the trailer has made its way online shortly after its premiere.

Following this, Smith talked about his plans to continue working inside this new universe with a "True North trilogy." Tusk would obviously be the first installment, then the next film would be Yoga Hosers, which Smith has mentioned before, but went into more detail about during his panel.

The film would be focused on the two 15-year-old convenience girls seen briefly in the trailer. Details are limited other than that, but it appears that the movie will be them dealing with new found powers. So, like Chronicle? We'll have to see. Regardless, Smith also revealed that, because the movie is about 15-year-olds, Smith wants to make it his second PG-13 movie (the first being Jersey Girl) and hopes to shoot it next and have it good and ready to go by next year.

Following this would be Moose Jaws, which is being described as "Jaws, with a moose." The only other thing that Smith mentioned about the movie, besides its title and general premise, is that it will feature a scene of a killer moose chowing down on a little girl. So, for better or for worse, that is what it has going for it.

With the majority of his original movies taking place in the same, self-contained universe, Smith is no stranger to keeping movies in the same wavelengths as their peers. Considering the more out-of-the-box nature of these movies though, and that is saying something from the guy who made Dogma, it will be interesting to see what Smith does with this new trilogy, to say the least.

Smith also described a little bit what is happening with two other projects that he mentioned in the past, Clerks III and Hit Somebody. He told fans that he is still writing the now mini-series, but because he got so caught up in the lore and history of his Canadian films, he kept his attention on that for the moment.

Smith also said that he still hopes to make Clerks III in 2015, which may or may not become possible with all the different projects that Smith has in his line-up right now.

Between this new trilogy, Clerks III, the Hit Somebody mini-series and his Christmas horror movie Anti-Klaus — and that is just name a few — Smith is keeping himself busy. Especially since he was just on the brink of retiring. Which of these films will and won't get made is yet to be determined.

Regardless, Tusk is made, and will be scaring its way into theaters on September 19.

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