Khloe Kardashian admits that Lamar Odom cheated on her (video)

By Sherley Boursiquot,
The cat is finally out of the bag

In a teaser clip of Sunday's Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode, Khole Kardashian finally lets the world know what really happened between her and her now-ex Lamar Odom: He was cheating on her toward the end of their marriage.

“Do you know the interviews he’s been saying that being married to me were the best years of his life, he’s now wearing his ring full time. F–k your ring. You were wearing it when you were f–king someone too,” Khloe says. “He doesn’t think we are going through with a divorce.”

It may have appeared that Khloe was unfazed when she filed for divorce back in December, but enough was enough.

“I kept on hiding every time there was something going on. I would have to lie, or conceal, or cover up, and I’m so over it. Let me tell you something, last year on my birthday I lied to everyone because I had to lie and say I was with my husband when in fact my husband was messing with another girl, OK? And I lied and I gave up my Beyoncé tickets to Kendall that’s how badly I was hiding.”

However, the reality star moved on since the split. When asked about her relationship with rapper French Montana, she told People Magazine, "He's just funny, he's light and easy. That's what I need right now. He's fun. I like that he's always happy. Smiles are infectious and contagious, so I like that."

The two have been dating since April.

[See video below for the full clip.]

Image via INFPhoto.com



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