'Ladies of London' Recap: Episode 6

By TracyJane,
New Allegiances

The morning after the Mapperton dinner, all of the ladies wake up at the Inn. News breaks that Caprice has checked out early and left with Annabelle and Julie without letting them know. Caroline hypothesizes that it’s because she’s become better friends with the Americans than she is with Caprice.

Juliet is stunned that the Brits talk more gossip behinds people’s backs than she’s ever seen in the U.S. However Marissa speaks up in defense of Caprice, saying that she’s seven months pregnant and probably just tired and hormonal. Juliet snarks back at Marissa saying that she can’t let Caprice off of the hook for being mean. Noelle steps in and tries to back up Marissa claiming that Caprice has complained about the hormones already. Juliet refuses to back down and states that she was the nicest person ever when she was pregnant. Marissa gets in a good snap when she spits out, “wish I’d known you then”. Finally Caroline puts a stop to all of the bickering and gets them moving for the day.

The ladies end up at a country restaurant toasting to a good weekend. Caroline’s make up artist joins them and inquires about the other missing ladies. Juliet is uncharacteristically quiet when she explains that Caprice was tired and decided to go home early with the other girls. With a smile, Noelle calls her out on her change of mind. Marissa refuses to toast Juliet and then suddenly storms away from the table. Noelle chases after her. Marissa explains that she’s tired of Juliet. She believes that if she doesn’t back her up on everything that she says, then Juliet calls her a goody two shoes and is insulting.

Noelle comforts Marissa by saying that Juliet is different and can’t relate to Marissa’s happy disposition. Back at the table, Juliet explains that Marissa sugarcoats everything. Caroline agrees that Marissa needs a backbone. However, she stands from the table and heads outside to try and talk Marissa back to the table. She succeeds in making Marissa giggle and they head bac inside. Still, things aren’t all peachy. Juliet tries to apologize and explain that she never meant to her Marissa. Marissa asks Juliet not to personally attack her. Juliet denies this still claiming that she’s just trying to make Marissa be honest with her feelings. Marissa shoots back that calling someone Mother Theresa is rude and not helpful. She asks Juliet to think before she speaks and now it’s Juliet’s turn to storm away from the table. Caroline follows her, but everyone agrees that Juliet just needs to shut her mouth and let it go.

Annabelle heads out to the stables to practice her riding. She gets a few bits of advice from the trainer before hopping on. Of course there’s a reference to her dear friend McQueen when she states that he’d love to see her ride, but also he’d be extremely worried for her. While we see Annabelle ride, we see her in a talking head describe that she’s very guarded in whom she lets into her life and trusts. She states that it’s easier for her to befriend animals and children.

Finally Scot and Noelle are moving into their flat. Noelle explains that this is all happening because she gave him boundaries and he made it work. After they’ve settled in a little, she picks up the phone and dials Caprice. She starts by checking on her condition after the weekend in the country and then she confirms that Caprice will be at her charity event on Wednesday.

Marissa and her husband Matt are off to her swearing in ceremony to complete her British citizenship. Matt is happy that their whole family will now carry British passports. Marissa states that she feels stronger in England and tells Matt that there’s no turning back once she “marries” his country.

After the ceremony, Matt takes Marissa to a celebration at the hotel Claridges. They pop champagne and eat strawberries before Matt springs a gift on her. Marissa is shocked to find Faberge diamond earrings inside the box. After the gifts, they begin to discuss her weekend in the country. Marissa tells him about her altercation with Juliet. Matt agrees that Juliet needs to start acting more appropriate in social situations.

Speaking of Juliet, she heads over to Caroline’s office where the conversation turns to what happened after Mapperton with Marissa and Juliet. Caroline dispenses the same advice to Juliet as she did in Mapperton telling Julie to calm down and not make scenes in social situations. Julie nods as if she understands what Caroline is saying, but she quickly moves on to the fact that Marissa got her British citizenship and she feels bad that she wasn’t there for her friend. The sympathy is nice, but I’m not sure she heard the advice part.

Now for the big event of the episode we move onto Noelle’s charity event. Before the arrivals, we see Scot and Noelle playfully discuss her revealing outfit and hear that Noelle believes they are finally moving forward. Later on, Noelle explains what the charity is all about and also talks about her ulterior motive of building a positive name in the press. The assumption is that she’s seen as a gold digger to her criminal boyfriend and she wants to change that around.

Caprice and Julie are in a van on their way to the event complaining about the weather being too hot and then complaining that they are complaining about the weather. Caprice then spills that Noelle called her after the Mapperton weekend and gave her a heads up to what the other ladies were saying about her early departure. Both Julie and Caprice respect that Noelle let them in on the gossip.

Even though Caroline is already at the event and has pledged a nice chunk of money to the charity, Noelle fawns all over Caprice and Julie when they arrive. She whisks them immediately over to the photographer for press pictures. Annabelle and Marissa are discussing Annabelle’s upcoming horse race and Marissa is relaying her worry about it foreshadowing a big cliffhanger in the episode.

Juliet is the last to arrive. However before she steps inside, she phones Marissa for a quick chat to set the record strait. Marissa immediately hugs Juliet, which puts Juliet at ease. She explains that she hates that they haven’t spoken in two days. Marissa confesses that she was taking a break but she sees Juliet like a sister who pushes that one button that can make her crazy. Juliet swears not to push that button again with a teeny giggle. Marissa reiterates that Juliet needs to work on her execution because her thoughts are right on. Juliet jokes that if she fixes that, she’ll be perfect and who can stand that. Hand in hand they walk back into the party.

We move from one repaired friendship to a tense one in the next scene where Noelle is speaking with Caroline but is summoned away to talk with Caprice. Caprice grills Noelle on what was said about her after she left Mapperton. Noelle hems and haws before finally stating that she feels stuck in the middle of the two groups and it makes her uncomfortable. Realizing that her fawn is slipping away, Caprice stops the interrogation immediately and brings Noelle in for a big hug. This interaction has not slipped by Caroline who states that she understands Noelle trying to make connections with both herself and Caprice for business reasons. However, in life you sometimes have to make tough choices. Caroline is then shown leaving the event.

Later on, we are at Noelle and Scot’s flat watching them unpack and organize when Marissa calls. The main reason for the call is that Caprice has asked her to through her a baby shower at the Bumpkin Garden and Marissa has requested Noelle’s help. Noelle immediately accepts and tells Marissa that she’s on her way to go shopping with Caroline, so that should be an interesting conversation.

Juliet joins the ladies at the Cavalli store in London and the three of them comense the shopping. Julie finds a cute purple top and while the store manager runs into the back, Noelle uses this time to bring up the baby shower. She tells the ladies that they will be invited, but gifts are optional. Caroline chuckles revealing that Caprice has asked her first to do the shower but then pulled out. Noelle is shocked by this and upset that she’s completely in the middle of their feud. Caroline states that it’s rude of Caprice to pull out of her shower only to ask another friend to do one for her, but she will send a gift and call it a day.

In the last scene of the episode, Annabelle is back at the stables training on her horse. The trainer is giving more advice about how the horse is ½ ton and she can’t fight with him; she has to get control and learn how to guide him into what she wants. Annabelle mounts the horse and as the trainer leads them out to the racing field, Annabelle comments that she can already feel the horse fidgeting. She starts to gallop with him and she slips into her stride, doing really well at balance and control. Suddenly the camera turns away and we hear a scream. The next time we see Annabelle is when Julie steps into the farmhouse and we see her in a hospital gown with crutches. Annabelle explains that they were going about 45 miles per hour when the horse veered right and threw her off. 3 ambulances and a helicopter arrived and she was terrified that she’d never walk again. However she was “lucky” and it was just a broken pelvis. She can’t move, she can’t wash herself, she can’t work. She tears up when she asks Julie “what have I done?”.

Next weeks episode shows the tension flaring up between the ladies again involving the baby shower and a dinner party. Can’t wait!



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