'Ladies of London' Recap: Episode 8/The Finale

By TracyJane,

On the season finale of Ladies of London the battle between Caroline and Caprice came to a head. The pieces fall on either side of the battle lines with all of the ladies choosing one side or another.

We start off mid way through the dinner party at Caroline’s house. The question of “where is Caprice” hangs in the air when suddenly she pops in. Julie and Noelle leap out of their chairs to greet her whereas Juliet practically rolls her eyes and Caroline is miffed that as the host, she wasn’t greeted first. Caprice is offended that Caroline didn’t stand to greet her and so begins the tit for tat arguing of the evening. After dinner the group moves to a casual seating area in the backyard and Caprice takes the opportunity to announce that her surrogate is dilated and she is heading to the US soon. The ladies begin shooting questions at her about when she’s leaving and how far into labor the surrogate is. Caroline believes Caprice is being overdramatic and if the surrogate really was that far along, Caprice shouldn’t be at a dinner party, she should be by her bedside.

Finally it’s time for a head to head battle between Caroline and Caprice. They two are alone when everyone heads to the loo and Caroline brings up “babyshowergate."

Caroline tells Caprice that she’s offended that she was asked to host the baby shower and then was “fired” when Caprice decided to have Marissa and Noelle host it. Caprice denies that she ever asked Caroline to host the shower and then changes the subject to Caroline bullying Noelle and Marissa about hosting the shower. Caroline denies the bullying and tries to bring it back to the fact that she was pushed aside for Marissa when it came to throwing the baby shower. At this point Caroline offers proof in the form of an email showing that Caprice asked Marissa and her husband if they could use their bar as a venue. After reading the email, Caprice changes tactics and plays innocent saying that it was a nice gesture from friends and Caroline turned it around into something evil. Caprice stands to leave.

However, before she goes, she makes a point of telling Marissa that she has a gift for her in the car. In a talking head interview, Caroline explodes about how rude it is to go to a dinner party and bring anyone other than the hostess a gift.

Marissa is correct when she states in her interview that all of the drama from the summer is about a baby shower that’s never even going to happen.
Caroline is sitting around with some of the ladies telling them how Noelle must have been stirring up drama with Caprice that afternoon when here comes Noelle into the conversation. Caroline confronts Noelle about the bullying issue. She tells Noelle that she didn’t bully her and Noelle knows it. Before Noelle can even form an excuse in her head, Caroline continues by saying that she can’t play the two of them off each other. She can’t be buddy buddy with one while talking behind their backs. Noelle is more upset that she’s taking all of the heat on this issue when it was her and Marissa that agreed to throw the shower.

Meanwhile, Caprice and Marissa are having a chat out front. Caprice feigns sincerity when she tells Marissa that she confronted Caroline about the bullying. Marissa doesn’t play to the script when she takes Caroline’s side and says she can see how she would’ve been hurt by the switch up on hosting. Caprice glosses over that part and thanks Marissa for offering to host. Marissa is quick to contradict her when she reminds Caprice that she called after the 4th of July party and asked to use their venue. In a dramatic flash, Caprice suddenly remembers that phone call and blames her forgetfulness on “pregnancy brain."

Noelle storms into their conversation ranting about how she was just thrown under the bus and rambling about other things that no one can understand. Caprice denies saying anything to Caroline about Noelle. She decides that she needs to defend poor Noelle and heads back into the party to do so. Caroline is stunned that Caprice is back and wonders how low she will sink in her manners. Caprice takes responsibility for the word “bully”. Caroline asks how she even knows what happened since she wasn’t there when the conversation happened. Caprice tries to dig herself out but keeps incriminating Noelle and Marissa, who deflects any sort of blame. Finally Caroline has had enough and promptly kicks Caprice out of her house.

Caprice says this is the end of her friendship with Caroline. Caroline believes Noelle is a pawn for Caprice and she will be dropped as soon as Caprice is done with her.

The next morning we’re treated to scenes of Caprice “packing” and complaining about being so tired while she lies on her bed and her housekeeper does all of the work.

Noelle calls Marissa on the phone to discuss the dinner party. She talks about how bad she feels for putting herself in the middle of it all. She realizes that she shouldn’t have said a word to Caprice about Caroline and now she’s definitely learned her lesson. Juliet arrives at Caroline’s house and it appears their kids are having a sleepover. Caroline feels vindicated about the conversation with Caprice. She points out all of the mistakes that Caprice made the previous night and says it proves that she is 100 percent in the wrong. Noelle phones Caroline during the conversation. She apologizes for putting herself in the middle, blaming it on trying to keep everyone happy. Caroline tells her that she should try to make herself happy and decides to forgive Noelle for the drama stirring.

Caprice calls Annabelle to re-hash the dinner party and tells her that she called Caroline a bully. Annabelle defends Caroline and says that the term “bully” is harsh. She also hits the nail on the head when she tells Caprice that the real issue is competition between the two, not a baby shower. Caprice denies denies denies. In the end, Annabelle tells her that Caprice has bigger things to worry about right now with the arrival of her new babies and she should just forget about the Caroline issues.

Caprice and her boyfriend Ty finally head to the US to await the birth of their babies. After a long labor for the surrogate, their first baby boy is born. In true Caprice form, she’s wild and dramatic as she holds him in her arms. A month later, she’s back in the hospital giving birth to baby number 2. She feels blessed ad complete.

Out at Slades Farm, we get to see Annabelle recovering nicely from her fall. Her riding instructor, Pip, visits along with Julie. They talk about the race that Annabelle missed and about her recovery. She promises that she will ride again before Pip presents her with the McQueen silks that she was supposed to wear at the race. She’s elated and exclaims that they look great.

The last scene of the episode takes place at the Audi Polo Cup. Celebrities such as Prince Charles and Biana Jagger are in attendance and Marissa explains that it is the last event of the summer. The girls reunite under the tent. Julie asks the girls if they want to have a little party for Caprice when she gets back to London. Juliet says that Caprice created a divide in the group and isn’t sure a party would be the right thing to do. Marissa agrees that it’s good the two queen bees have been separated and that they should keep it that way.

In the “where are they now” portion of the episode we find out that Scot’s divorce was finally finalize and his wife was awarded 20 million pounds. However Noelle received a 6-carat flawless diamond engagement ring, so she won also.

Juliet states that she’s not going to change the American that she is, however she has learned that there is a time and place for her actions.
Marissa feels stronger after surviving the year and proving herself on her own. She and Matt had a second baby son and are now set with an heir and a spare.

Caroline is sad about the demise of her friendship with Caprice, but she is happy that she was introduced to the Americans. She has not spoken to Caprice since the dinner party.

Caprice warns that there will be a different Caprice in the future. She has returned to London with her boys and the ladies never threw her a baby shower.
Annabelle has learned to appreciate life more. She’s healing and plans to race again in the future.

The episode ends with the ladies dancing at the polo event. Marissa’s voice tells us that London is a small town with a big name and she loves it.



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