Lady Gaga talks fashion, Tony Bennett in new interview

By Rachel Karach,

Lady Gaga has opened up about her approach to fashion and her special friendship with renowned jazz musician Tony Bennett in a new interview.

Lady Gaga has been known for her outrageous wardrobe choices since she became a pop phenomenon in 2009. She spoke to world-famous fashion designer Karl Langerfeld with Harper’s Bazaar about what motivates her to find her latest outfits.

When asked about what has recently peaked her interest in fashion, she said, “I've been recently enjoying looking far and wide for the best vintage fashion I can find. Clothing with a story, a past. Heavy fabrics, jewels, veils.”

Gaga has been sticking with vintage clothing because she has become fascinated by other women’s senses of style. “My latest trip is feeling a connection to all women throughout history through fashion,” she said. “I love wearing clothes knowing that I'm carrying the spirit of previous fashionistas, and living out more of their fantasies, and my own.”

As for why she maintains she is carrying on a sort of fashion legacy among women, she said, “I believe clothes carry the soul of the designer and the person wearing them forever, so I look for clothes with a soul. Perhaps it's something only I can see. But I know it's real.”

Gaga recently recorded a jazz album with the widely respected musician Tony Bennett, which will apparently be released in the fall. She also spoke about the nature of her new friendship with Bennett.

“I feel so healed by my relationship with him because some men were very bad to me when I was young and in the studio,” she said. “Tony showed me what the elegant and old-school cats were like. Our recording sessions were beautiful, memorable. We’ve built a deep friendship. There are 60 years between us, but when we sing together there is no distance.”

Gaga concluded, “Tony is such a gentleman. He really treats me like a lady.”

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