'The Last Ship' recap: 'Dead Reckoning'

By Marie Blake,

Last week, the crew of the Destroyer arrived at Guantanamo Bay in search of food, medical supplies and fuel. While there, they were attacked by Al-Qaeda members and met a new friend, Tex. Upon their departure, they find that a Russian vessel was headed their way.

Captain Chandler warns the ship's captain, Admiral Ruskov, to back off since their ship is in U.S. waters. The Ruskov promises to let the ship go as long as Chandler meets their demands. He wants the cure as well as Dr. Scott, but Captain Chandler refuses. He is given a book from his chambers which appears to have been written by Ruskov. He tells Ruskov that they should meet face to face to negotiate a peaceful solution. Ruskov agrees.

Captain Chandler speaks to Dr. Scott about the cure. He asks to borrow her assistant, Quincy, then gets ready to leave.

Chandler and a few sea men reach Cuba to meet with Ruskov. Quincy takes some of Ruskov's blood to make sure he isn't infected.

Back at the ship, Lieutenant Mike sets orders to the bridge to find a way out of the harbor and to prepare to fire on the Russians if the captain isn't back in an hour.

Chandler and Ruskov talk about the state of the world due to the virus; countries turning against each other in search of the cure. Ruskov tell Chandler that he is missing an important element to the cure, and wants what they have, as well as Dr. Scott.

Chandler gives Ruskov a sample, but refuses to hand over Dr. Scott. Ruskov turns down the sample, and Quincy volunteers to go with them, but Ruskov only wants Dr. Scott. Chandler gets ready to leave and asks Ruskov what he is going to do since they have all the food and supplies. Ruskov then shoots one of his one men. "One mouth less to feed," Ruskov said.

Lieutenant Mike and the crew let Chandler know that the Russians planted mines around the harbors only exit.

Chandler speaks to Dr. Scott about a missing element to the cure, but Rachel says Ruskov is bluffing.

At night, the Russians appear to be partying on their ship.

The crew may have found another way out of the harbor, an old canal where the navy used to send war ships through, however it's current state is unknown, so the captain orders them to check it out first. They find that they may be able to get through the canal, with only some coral in their way. When they go to check the surface, the two men are killed by the Russians.

Chandler threatens to kill some of the Russian men, he tells Ruskov to shut his weapons down and leave the harbor. Ruskov gives Chandler 24 hours to give him Dr. Scott, and they prepare to leave the harbor.

Quincy holds Dr. Scott at gunpoint. Quincy is shot at by one of the men and Rachel gets away. A few more lieutenants hold their guns up at Quincy, he threatens to release the virus onto the ship. Rachel manages to talk him out of it, and he is detained.

Rachel tells Chandler that Quincy must have been working with the Russians.

Quincy tells Lieutenant Mike that the Russian's are holding his daughter captive. Quincy tells him that the Russians are holding his family captive until he brings them Rachel. He was supposed to take Rachel and the samples to the Russians.

On the Russian vessel, Ruskov speaks to Quincy's wife. The captain plans to escape through the canal. Chandler tells Lieutenant Kara Foster to prepare for a mission on Alpha team. Lieutenant Danny tells Chandler that he is uncomfortable having Kara on the mission. He tells the captain that he wants to go out there, and Chandler agrees.

The captain and the crew prepare to escape through the canal, using no radar so that the Russian ship cannot see them. They plant aluminum foil so that it will still appear as a ship on the Russian's radar. It appears to work, and they get ready to sail through the canal.

They send Lieutenant Danny and Kara as a diversion. The Russian's believe it to be Dr. Scott, and Ruskov orders his men to sink The Destroyer once they arrive on board.

Danny and Kara plant a timer and speed up towards the ship, they abandon their boat and it collides with the Russian ship, damaging it and killing a few of their men.

While the Russians are distracted, Chandler blows up the coral in the canal, and manage to get by without any damage. They pick up Danny and Kara, and Danny admits that he almost blew the mission because he was worried about Kara, telling her that he loves her, and to stay away from him.

On the Russian ship, they have their own doctor working on a cure, but his space has been damaged from the vibrations of the explosion. He tells Ruskov that he needs Rachel, and Ruskov leaves. Just then, the doctor, who we believed to be dead, breathes on an escaped rat, as if he is immune to the virus. Is he the missing element?

image courtesy of Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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