LeBron James signs two-year contract with Cavaliers

By Ian Sacks,

LeBron James’ return to Cleveland is not about the money, but it is a part of the deal. So, on Saturday, it was announced that his deal with the Cavaliers is worth $42.1 million over two years.

James chose to take this two-year deal because the NBA’s television contract expires in 2016 and the collective bargaining agreement runs out the following year. So with a two-year deal, he can see where the money in the league will be heading, which likely will only go up.

If it appears as though the players will be getting a larger part of the money, James can then cash in on that. But if it seems as though the players’ portion of the NBA revenue will decrease, he can sign a long-term maximum contract before the new CBA takes effect, according to CBS Sports.

While this maneuver may seem risky, James makes about $40 million per year in off-the-court income, such as endorsements.

Over the course of his 11 years in the NBA, he has earned $129 million, but has only earned a maximum salary three times, reports ESPN.

This new deal does give James a player option for next summer, but it is seems apparent that whenever he becomes a free agent, he will remain with the Cavaliers.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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