LG works with Mystery Guitar Man to highlight new LG G3 smartphone features

LG has a new smartphone, the LG G3, available soon and to help show off the phone’s amazing features, the brand has launched “YouTube Star.”

The first video was created in collaboration with Mystery Guitar Man, a YouTube sensation whose music channel has over 2.8 million subscribers. His videos have been viewed 338 million times.

Mystery Guitar Man’s video shows off the amazing sound capabilities of the LG G3. The Brazilian animator, musician and filmmaker edited images of the smartphone ‘playing’ musical instruments like guitars and keyboards using stop-motion animation. The music is completely made using only sounds from the LG G3. In fact, all the sounds are default sounds, which Mystery Guitar Man used to create a beautiful new song.

The visual soundtrack for the video shows filmed footage of the instruments actually being played by Mystery Guitar Man, highlighting how video from a smartphone can be used in new and imaginative ways. It is definitely a new way to use a smartphone that you might never have thought of before.

During the video, we see that Mystery Guitar Man can even use the LG G3’s alarm sounds to create a musical experience like no other. This isn’t merely a way to show off how well the smartphone can be used for any purpose, especially creative ones.

Mystery Guitar Man himself makes an appearance at the end, showing off other amazing features for the smartphone.

You can watch the amazing video below. The video has earned over 1.3 million views already.

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