'Lone Ranger' memorabilia, including outfit, to be auctioned

By Kyle Johnson,

Memorabilia from The Lone Ranger is set to be auction off on Saturday, with the original public outfit one of the items going up.

The memorabilia from the classic show will be put up by the A&S Auction Company in Waco, Texas in the morning, according to KHOU.

Of the items going up for sale, the baby blue woolen shirt, pants and beaver stetson cowboy hat, is sue to draw the most attention from those in attendance.

KCEN reports that the outfit, which Clayton Moore used to wear, could sell for more than $100,000 when it comes onto the auction block.

The outfit also includes two guns, the gun belt and boots, art director Sam Franks said, who also noted that it was the one use for public appearances, rather than on the show.

"It's not something that you see very often," Franks explained. "It's pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity."

One fan, Bret Appleton, was willing to travel from Nashville in an attempt to win the outfit. "This is basically what I come for." He admitted to still watching the show.

The memorabilia is being put up for auction by a Texas family, who decided to part with the stuff after the collector in the family, the father, passed away.



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