Louis Brown, Jr., father of Nicole Brown Simpson, dies

By Elizabeth Learned,

Louis Brown, Jr., the father of Nicole Brown Simpson, has passed away at the age of 90. Nicole Brown Simpson was the wife of O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted in her 1994 murder. Simpson had also been accused of murdering a friend named Ronald Goldman.

The New York Post reported that after his daughter’s death, Brown created the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation in order to help victims who had gone through domestic violence.

The Associated Press reported that Brown’s attorney, Natasha Roit, said in an e-mail he had passed away at his home in Dana Point, California, although his cause of death was not listed.

According to UPI, Brown suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.

While O.J. Simpson was acquitted in Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman’s murders, a civil jury held him liable in 1997 for their deaths. Brown reportedly smiled when he heard the verdict and said to the Associated Press during that time, “I want to get outside and scream.”

Brown's attorney said Brown was surrounded by his children and his wife, Judi, when he passed away.



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