Maisie Williams in negotiations to play lead in 'The Last of Us' film

By Benjamin Mazzara,
'Game of Thrones' star might play teenage survivor Ellie in Sam Raimi-produced film

Maisie Williams, star of HBO’s Game of Thrones as the young and violent Arya Stark, is reportedly currently in negotiations to play a lead role in the upcoming film adaptation of Naughty Dog’s award-winning video game The Last of Us.

Williams is currently 17, which is a few years older than the character she'd be playing, Ellie.

In the game, Ellie is a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world who seems strangely immune to the disease that has infected and killed most of the world’s population. Figuring out what makes Ellie immune and bringing her somewhere safe becomes the mission of Joel, the game's main lead.

The two exchange banter and grow to rely on one another as they travel through the devastated ruins of several American cities. The relationship between the two is one of the reasons the game sold so well and was universally praised by video game critics.

Buzzfeed's Adam B. Vary film, tweeted that there had been meetings between the movie’s producers (including, as we reported, Sam Raimi) and Williams, but nothing concrete has come of it yet.

Vary also tweeted the following, mentioning that Ashley Johnson, the game’s voice actor for Ellie, would not be in the film in the main role, but strongly hinted that that she might find some other role to play in order to have a wink to the game-playing audience.

Vary also noted that Last of Us creator Druckmann also insisted that Naughty Dog will have creative control in the film’s major decisions like a cast and director. This is possibly to avoid more backlash, as there was for the recently confirmed Uncharted movie, which, as we noted, might not follow closely follow the game's plot.

Druckmann is currently working on the film's script and reportedly was considering altering the original ending from the video game, but Vary tweeted that Raimi changed his mind. Druckmann said the script is "evolving."

According to Polygon, the film was announced in March, but is still in early development, especially since there is no script or cast yet.

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