Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Ukrainian crash site is still controlled by rebels

By Kate Taylor ,

Unlike its predecessor, knowing the location of the latest Malaysian Airline tragedy proves to hinder international relief efforts.

According to The New York Times, MH17 took off from the Netherlands on July 17 and was shot down by what is thought to have been a 1500lb missile while occupying airspace over war-torn Ukraine. The missile was likely launched not far from the crash site, both being in rebel controlled territories run by pro-Russian separatists.

An international investigative team has been assembled in the government-run city of Kharkiv; however, they have been unable to gain official access to the wreckage, which is 190 miles South of their current location. As reported by The Epoch Times, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott made a statement on Friday claiming that the government is “close to finalizing a deal with Ukraine to send police and a small number of troops to secure the Malaysian plane crash site as part of a multinational team.”

In addition, The Telegraph gives details that gaining full access to the site is the third and final step of a three-part deal that Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, is negotiating with the pro-Russian separatists. The rebel groups have allegedly honored the deals initial demands, which required that the victims bodies be returned, as well as the flight records.



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