Man accused of raping 17-year-old girl during alcohol-fueled Keith Urban Massachusetts show

By Daniel S Levine,

An 18-year-old man has been accused of trying to rape a 17-year-old girl during the alcohol-fueled Keith Urban show in Mansfield, Massachusetts Saturday. Sean Murphy has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

As we previously reported, the concert already created headlines when 22 people were taken to a local hospital from the concert at the Xfinity Center. Fifty people were also taken into protective custody and 46 people were treated at the scene for alcohol-related issues.

The Boston Herald reports that Murphy has been accused of attempting to rape another member of the audience. He pleaded not guilty to the rape charge and is being held on $10,000 bail. The Bristol District Attorney’s Office said that police have obtained cellphone videos, although a spokesman did not give further details of the videos.

Murphy, who was arrested during the show, doesn’t have a criminal record. His attorney, Neil Crowley, also told the Herald in a statement that his contact with the girl was a “consensual act, not a sexual assault,” adding that the young woman was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“This is really serious. We think very highly of what we can do to prevent things like this, and that’s obviously a sore spot for every one of us when something like that occurs,” Mansfield selectmen chairman George Dentino told the Herald. “Of course, right now it’s only alleged, but these are very serious charges that we’re concerned with.”

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