Man filing lawsuit after being trapped in jail for 31 hours

By Melissa Barclay,

A man visiting his son in jail became trapped behind bars for 31 hours, and is now suing for trauma.

Illinois resident, Farad Polk, was visiting Cook County Jail when things took a bizarre turn, reported Good Morning America.

Polk was directed by a guard to the waiting area, which was under renovation. Once in the room, the steel doors slammed, locking him in.

“I’m sitting there waiting for five minutes and say, ‘This ain’t right,” Polk said at a news conference.

Polk said he screamed, and tried to get someone’s attention, but failed.

It was “a concrete box,” Polk said as he described the cell where he was trapped.

The experience was too much for Polk, who is suing for emotional trauma and seeking compensation.

The 31-hour nightmare was over when Polk was released after breaking a sprinkler head, reported NBC News. He was found by firefighters.

After being handcuffed and questioned, Polk was set free. He was treated at Rush University Medical Center after injuring his thumb by breaking the sprinkler.

Polk has also not been able to revisit his son since being trapped.



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