Man tweets from Gaza Strip as bombs wreck his town and home

By Melissa Barclay,

As Israel continues its strike on the northern Gaza strip, one man shares his first-person experience with the help of Twitter.

Mohammed Suliman has been tweeting nearly every hour since the aerial bombings began.

Although Israel warned citizens to flee, many still remain in the chaos, reported the Los Angeles Times.

17,000 people fled the northern part of the strip seeking refuge at facilities run by the United Nation, but others like Suliman have remained or relocated to another area of the strip.

Many of Suliman’s tweets are chilling as he describes the blasts, and fearful nights.

He also tweeted about victims of the blast.

“Anas, 17, posts on Facebook, 'I'm too tired, shell our home so I can get some sleep.' A while later, his home is shelled. He sleeps forever,” Suliman tweeted.

Israeli planes targeted areas believed to be the homes of members of Islamic extremist groups, such as Hamas.

July 13 marks the sixth day of the attack against Hamas, in which more than 160 people have been killed so far, reported CBS News.

Since last week Tuesday, more than 800 rockets have been fired at Israel.

In the midst of the chaos, Suliman provides the world with an inside view of the bombings.

Image via Twitter from Mohammed Suliman.



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