'MasterChef' recap: Top 12 Compete

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

It was a team challenge that felt extremely close to home this week on MasterChef as the top 12 home cooks were split into teams of size to prepare a romantic dinner for the happy couples that would be dining in the MasterChef restaurant.

The way it works is each couple will receive each plate that will consist of one entrée and one dessert. Together the couple then choose who they wish to vote for as one table is one vote. In the end the team with the least votes will then enter the pressure test. As noted from last time, the team captains were chosen to be Elizabeth and Ahran.

Elizabeth as captain of the blue team chose a team of “rock stars” with Francis, Jaimee, Victoria, Courtney and Daniel. Ahran chose her own team as captain of the red with Leslie, Cutter, Christian, Christine and Willie.

With the teams assembled they got to choose from a selection of proteins for the entrée: filet mignon, striped bass fish, lobster and rack of lamb. For dessert the chefs were free to use a pantry to create a delicious treat. The teams will have one hour to prepare the entrée and then a second hour for dessert. After the end of each hour servers will enter the kitchen to bring the plates to the guests.

But wait, where’s the twist? Mrs. Ramsey. Gordon Ramsey’s wife walks into the kitchen, looking like a knockout, as Chef Ramsey announces him and his wife will also be enjoying the meal tonight and voting on their favorite dish. Ramsey wishes the teams luck and then heads out with his wife to the dining room.

image courtesy of Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

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