'MasterChef ' recap: Top 13 compete

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

It as the battle for the Top 12 last night and the pressure to earn the title of the best home cook in America could just be enough to make someone faint.

Thirteen home cooks entered the MasterChef kitchen last night and were met with a large box standing behind the judges. Standing at their stations confused, the judges asked for them to lift the cover of their personal mystery boxes to see what their challenge for the day would be. Except when lifted, a sole knife was revealed and then the large mystery box was unveiled to display fourteen hanging four hundred and fifty dollar worthy salmon fish. These fish were live caught from Alaska and would be remodeled into a stunning dish. The chefs ran quickly to claim their own piece and with one remaining the judges informed them that while they cooked, so would the judges. More specifically Gordon would filet the fish, Graham will cook it and then Joe would eat it. It was amusing to watch the judge’s work while the contestants scrambled as Ramsey finished his work in five minutes and Graham finished cooking way before time was up. It reminded everyone that while the home cooks are indeed talented, they have a long way to go before reaching a five-star restaurant standard.

During the challenge one chef fell to the pressure as Elise called out for a medic and was then escorted from the kitchen after beginning to faint. A few minutes later, she returned to the kitchen and while Ramsey did tell her she did not have to finish cooking, Elise decided to plow through and get something onto her plate with the time remaining. After time was called moments later, the judges did their usual look through at the dishes and I still believe there are several contestants that must be thankful a mystery box very rarely eliminates anyone because after Elise’s breakdown and the horror that was Christine’s filleting skills, the only major dissatisfaction shown throughout the challenge, it is a godsend for them.

image courtesy of Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com



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