McDonald’s employee sells crack while at work

By Michelle Kapusta,

A McDonald’s worker in Pennsylvania has been accused of selling crack cocaine while on the job.

According to 6ABC, police said that Allen Trammell allegedly dealt the drugs to patrons from the fast-food restaurant’s parking lot. Authorities arrested the 29-year-old after he allegedly sold the drugs to undercover officers on Tuesday.

"Our officers would call ahead from a cell phone, establish a date and time where they would meet Mr. Trammell - when he was working at the McDonald's. He would walk into the parking lot and would sell crack cocaine, in package form, to undercover officers," Lt. Andy Block explained. "And then he would return back to work."

Block added that it was a concern that the suspect was handling drugs and then immediately returning to the food preparation area.

Trammell was employed at the fast-food chain in Radnor Township which is just outside of Philadelphia.

This is not the first time an employee has been accused of serving more than just Big Macs and fries at a Pennsylvania McDonald’s. Back in January, a female restaurant employee in Pittsburgh was charged with selling heroin in Happy Meals out of the drive-thru window.

Block said that there is no evidence that Trammell sold the drugs while inside the restaurant.



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