Medical marijuana legalized in New York, cannot be smoked

By Kyle Johnson,

Medical marijuana in a nonsmokable form was legalized in New York on Monday when Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill during a ceremony.

The governor signed the Compassionate Care Act a month after the state Senate passed the legislation, CNN reports. While the CCA will allow for the use of medical marijuana, patients who want to use it will have to hope they suffer from ailments on a predetermined list.

Should anyone attempt to illegally qualify for medical marijuana under the CCA, Cuomo said that person could face criminal charges. The governor also noted that the program can be halted should the Commissioner of Health or State Police Superintendent come to him with the suggestion.

Monday's signing was ceremonial since Cuomo signed the bill two days prior due to a deadline, but used the opportunity to rail against marijuana, according to NY1.

"I am against legalizing marijuana. And that's not what this is. This is medical marijuana," Gov. Cuomo said. "So no smoking, only through a prescription, highly regulated, only for a very descriptive set of conditions."

The governor added that "Smoking marijuana was dangerous" and that the health department allowing smoking would have been "oxymoronic."

image courtesy of INFevents.com



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