'Murder in the First' recap: 'Burning Woman'

By Marie Blake,

Last week Erich hired Warren, Terry found an apartment, Hildy shot D-Hop's step-dad and was dismissed from work, and Terry arrested Erich.

We see Erich in jail being taken to court where his case is being discussed. Warren asks for $2 million bail, but the Plaintiff counters with a $1 billion dollar bail because of Erich's wealth.

He seems to be doing well until they are told that Cindy was pregnant. The judge sets bail at $10 million.

Terry meets Hildy for coffee. Hildy is upset because Terry hung up on her the night he arrested Erich, and they get into an argument.

Hildy goes in for the case against the shooting last week. When she is questioned, she tells the detectives what happened. We also see D-Hop and his mom, Theresa, being questioned, however they tell the detectives a completely different story.

Theresa tell detectives that Hildy shot for no reason. They said he was knocked into a table and that's how the knife ended up next to him. When the detectives asked D-Hop if her story is true, he agrees, obviously talked into lying by either his mother or his lawyer.

Eric is with Warren talking about the case. Warren gives Erich a possible scenario on Cindy's death, blaming her husband or Wilkerson, looking for a different suspect so Erich can be acquitted.

Terry speaks with Jeremy about Erich. Jeremy tells Terry that Erich threatened him by telling him he'll kill him. He claims Erich stole his algorithms, but was fired. He wants to be credited for his work. He tells Terry that he going to a gathering involving different technologies and drugs, which Terry calls a hippie convention.

Terry gets a call in the middle of the questioning about setting something up for later.

After Terry hangs up, Jeremy claims he is fearful for his life. Terry then dismisses him, and Jeremy tells him he isn't scared to testify against Erich.

Terry and his detective friends are looking to bust Erich during a drug deal. Milan sees that instead of Erich, Jim Sullivan shows up and knows whats going on. Terry goes to talk to him, and is warned to not get involved.

Hildy is talking with Lieutenant Koto and detectives about her case. Lieutenant Koto tells Hildy that she should not have gone into the apartment at all, because things aren't looking good.

Jimmy goes to Erich to tell him that the drugs buy was a set up. He leaves after telling him that the police are going to try any way possible to arrest him on something else.

Terry goes to Hildy's home. They apologize for their argument from earlier.

Hildy is baking a cake with her daughter, Louise, to send to school. Louise asks if Hildy could have gotten killed, obviously worried about her mother's job, but Hildy assures her that she is fine. Louise tells her she will never be a cop.

Terry is playing basketball with D-Hop, despite Lieutenant Koto's orders for him to stay away. D-Hop asks if Hildy was mad at him. He claims that he and his mom need the money, but Terry tells him that it is against the law to lie on a case. He tells D-Hop to tell the truth and leaves.

Erich goes to the airport even though he is skipping bail. He goes to the same event Jeremy told Terry about. He is shown the new simulation product which puts him alone in a room with different women, but is unsettled after he sees Cindy in it.

Jeremy sees Erich and takes a picture of him.

Hildy is getting Louise, ready for school when she gets a phone call to meet someone at a liquor store. There she sees Theresa. They talk about the case, and Theresa tells Hildy that she owes her because D-Hop told the truth and got their case thrown out, now she is out of money. Hildy tells her she is not risking her job and leaves.

Erich meets with Warren. Warren tells him that he knows Erich's DNA was in Cindy's mouth, and that it makes the case more difficult. Erich promises to never lie again. Warren tells Erich that they will use this against him, so the jury can be swayed even before the case begins.

At the courthouse, Warren tells the press that they are being wrongfully swayed by Perez.

Warren tells the judge that Erich wants to waive his right to a preliminary hearing so the case will go straight to a public hearing, and out of the states hands. The judge grants his right, but the Plaintiff then tells the judge that Erich left the state, which was against his bail, and provided photographs they received from Jeremy from the event.

The judge then says Erich willfully skipped bail. He had Erich's bail revoked and he was placed into custody.

Hildy is at the precinct and is told that she can return to work with 4 hours of field training. Theresa and D-Hop dropped the charges, claiming Hildy saved their lives. So Hildy is now in the clear.

Warren tells Erich that he is embarrassed, especially since the case was televised. He withdrew from the case. Erich begs him to stay, but Warren leaves anyway.

Hildy, her daughter and Terry have dinner together. Her daughter leaves to do homework. They talk for a little bit about her case, her daughter, and Terry's wife. They then have a passionate kiss, and Terry leaves.

Next week, Erich is put under a lie detector, and the detectives find clues that may lead them to believe someone else could be the killer.

image courtesy of Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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