'Murder in the First' recap: 'Pants on Fire'

By Marie Blake,

Last week, Erich’s bail is revoked and he is taken into custody, Warren quits, and Hildy and Terry have a romantic kiss.

David meets the mayor and his chief of staff is with him. David gets upset because the meeting was supposed to be private and leaves, but the mayor chases after him.

Hildy and Terry try to talk about the kiss, but they're interrupted once court is in session.

A new judge takes over the case, which appears to be planned by David, perhaps explaining his meeting with the mayor.

The plaintiff argues that they can place evidence against Erich, putting him at the crime scene close to Cindy's time of death. David explains to the judge that he is a little rusty and goes on to explain Erich's innocence. He tries to explain that even though Erich can be annoying and hard to work with, he is a loyal guy and is not capable of murder. He also tells the judge that Erich did not know the specific rules to his bail, making no attempt to skip bail on purpose.

The judge reinstates Erich's bail for double the amount and will keep his passport. He may not travel out of the adjoining counties and will have to wear an electronic bracelet.

David and Erich meet with Warren, who congratulates them on the trial from earlier. He tells them that he does not want to go back to working with him. Erich offers to double his fees, but Warren still declines. Erich then offers $10 million upfront plus expenses, and Warren asks of he will take a polygraph. Erich agrees and Warren is back on board.

Terry gets news that Jimmy is questioning people about the murder case which leads them to a pickle store. Terry and Hildy go to check things out. The manager shows them surveillance video of Cindy's husband, Mark, sneaking out of Jonie's Bar for two hours, enough time to kill Cindy and get back.

The detectives put together a scenario of Mark being the one who killed Cindy after seeing her with Erich. They bring their findings to the DA, Perez, who is upset with the new information. She tells them to clean things up and they leave.

Erich is taking a polygraph. They claim to bring up random questions for Erich to always answer yes to, so that they can determine when he is lying, but is uneasy when the tester asks if he murdered Cindy Strauss.

Hildy and Terry are going over the locations of phone calls with Kami. They find Mark at a construction site where they arrest him.

Erich goes on to the real questions for the polygraph. They finish and Erich leaves. Warren and the tester look at each other.

Hildy and Terry interrogate Mark. They tell him that they know he called Erich, and disappeared from the bar for two hours. Mark admits to calling Erich after Cindy's death to yell at him. He tells them he left the bar to meet a married older woman. He doesn't know her name or her number, but he did remember that she paid for his drinks with a credit card. He tole Terry and Hildy that he made fun of her manly doctor-like signature with just scribbles and lines.

They go back to the bar to look for the signature. They find her, Dr. Sally Smoot. While waiting to talk to her, they decide to talk about the kiss, but Dr. Smoot comes out. They ask her about her whereabouts. She tells them that she does not know Mark, and that she did not have sex with him. Hildy and Terry suspect she is lying and try to get her to fess up by telling her they will impound her car and check her phone records. She then admits to having sex with Mark that night in her car.

Bill tells Erich that his wife left him and needs to find her. Erich helps him by getting one of his workers to track her. Bill goes to a motel, knocking on the door where his wife is. She opens it and slaps him, telling him that she knows he slept with Cindy but he denies it. She shows him a video of him and Cindy having sex, but doesn't tell him where she got it, and slams the door in his face.

Mark is discharged form the jail, and Terry tells him to clean up after hearing all of the prescription drugs he was on.

Hildy tells Terry that Erich passed his polygraph test after it was released online. Molk makes an announcement about a karaoke birthday party, Hildy agrees to go, and forces Terry to go as well. The DA is on television, speaking about the polygraph, claiming it was staged in order to sway the public's opinion. She tells them that she will prove Erich killed Cindy with hard facts.

At the karaoke party, Terry and Hildy talk about the kiss again, telling each other that it wont happen again. Terry is called up to the stage. He sings "At Last" by Etta James. He is looking at Hildy the whole time, but she leaves.

When she reaches home, Erich is on her front porch. He tells her that he likes her and asks to take her out to dinner after he is found innocent. She tells him to get off of her property and not to come back. He whispers in her ear as he passes by, "To be continued."

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