'Murder in the First' recap: 'Punch Drunk'

By Marie Blake,

Last week, everyone was in preparations for court. Erich rehired Warren and was put under a lie detector, which he passes, as was revealed later. The DA and officers on the case are also getting ready to bring Erich down, despite doubts that he may not actually be the killer.

This episode opens with an anxious Erich, who is heading to his trial. He puts everyone in danger after telling his driver to go faster through traffic. Warren sees Erich is upset and tells him to calm down.

The trial begins with opening statements. The plaintiffs call Erich out on his lying, saying how it makes him look guilty. Warren's opening statement calls out the DA for not having sufficient evidence to bring Erich down, reminding the jury that lawyers must prove their points “beyond reasonable doubt.”

While Hildy and Terry are practicing questioning for court, two drunk men start giving a couple at another table a hard time. Terry steps up, but after trying to leave, one of the men pushes him and he hits them both back, knocking them out.

At the Office, Terry gets ready for court, but Hildy seems bothered by something. She tells him that his wife's death turned him more into a fighter, and recalled other times where his violence became an issue. Terry gets frustrated and leaves.

In court, Terry is questioned. He talks about Cindy (the murdered woman), Kevin Nyers and Erich's lying. Warren grills Terry and other detectives for jumping to conclusions.

The coroner is questioned next. Warren asks about time of death, and how his conclusions are only estimations. He builds a scenario of what could have happened, and the coroner is left speechless.

Hildy meets with her ex husband who tells her he is two years clean. She tells him she is proud of him and they hug.

Back at court, Dr. Gibbs, the forensic scientist on the case, is questioned. She testifies that Erich is the father of Cindy's fetus, and that his seminal fluid was left in her mouth 15 minutes before her death.

Warren questions her accuracy on the seminal fluid, but she shuts him down with hard facts, and he finishes his questions, appearing stumped.

Hildy's ex husband meets with Terry at a diner. He apologizes for a fight that he got into with Terry a long time ago, and explains that he was jealous of his and Hildy's partnership. Terry asks if he feels better after apologizing and the ex husband says yes.

Bill Wilkerson and David meet with his wife, Barbara, and her lawyer for a divorce. Bill worries that he will be left bankrupt, and David reminds Barbara that she could easily look guilty for getting revenge on Cindy. Barbara gets upset and throws water on Bill and starts hitting him. He hits her back and she is knocked down onto the ground, unresponsive.

Terry meets with Walton (the drug addict) who confessed to killing Kevin Nyers. Terry apologized for hitting him in the interrogation room, taking Hildy's ex husbands advice. Terry asks Walton why he confessed to killing Kevin when he didn't. Walton explained to Terry that since he had no alibi, he knew would end up with a harsher sentence if he resisted.

In court, Mark, Cindy's ex husband, is being questioned. He admits to seeing Cindy the day before her murder, and to calling Erich and being threatened by him. Warren questions Mark's violent past and asks about his alibi, but Mark appears to not remember much of the details. Mark asks the judge if he needs a lawyer, and the judge recommends he does.

The Plaintiffs bring up Dr. Sally Smoot to explain that she is Mark's alibi. Before they can begin questioning, the judge receives a letter and calls a recess.

Hildy and Terry arrive to an overdose scene. They find out that the person who overdosed was Mark. On his laptop is a suicide note which, confessing that he killed Cindy.

image courtesy of Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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