NBA commissioner Adam Silver agrees on new off-site replay center

By Ricky Yandoli,

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has agreed on having a new off-site replay center next year. The replay center will be located in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Over the weekend, Silver was in deep conversations with the Competition Committee to get the off-site replay center moving in the right direction. It was reported on Twitter by the New York Times that Silver spent 10 hours with the committee.

The new replay system and center will be tested officially in September in the WNBA. This will allow commissioner Silver and his people to get a better look at what this replay center can actually do to improve basketball games.

This proves that Silver is trying to make improvements so basketball games can be precise and accurate. However, the final decision on in-game calls will still be with the referees, reports CBS Sports.

Silver is also thinking about the possibility of having a mid-season tournament in Las Vegas, according to NBC Sports. There would have to be adjustments made in the 82-game format and all-star break in order to make the tournament happen.



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