Netflix and Verizon: Who's the bad guy?

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

After Verizon Wireless customers complained of Netflix issues on their wireless devices, Netflix was quick to call Verizon out for having network issues and "throttling" traffic on Netflix. Now, Verizon has spoken out on their official blog, shaming Netflix and claiming that they are the reason users are having such difficulties.

Verizon claimed it has studied its congestion and traffic throughout many points in the network, and found that many of the issues rose in the interconnection points between Netflix and its transit providers, reports TIME. Their official blog post on the situation outlines that Netflix does not reserve enough capacity for the company to provide for all users during peak utilization hours.

“For whatever reason (perhaps to cut costs and improve its profitability), Netflix did not make arrangements to deliver this massive amount of traffic through connections that can handle it," writes David Young, Verizon's Vice President for Federal Regulatory Affairs.

Tech Times reports that Netflix users with slow-loading videos used to see a message that stated: "The Verizon network is crowded right now. Adjusting video for smoother playback." Verizon has since labeled the message a "PR stunt" and claimed that users have been given the wrong information regarding the issues for some time now.



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