New ‘Big Brother’ twist sparks petition

By Jorie Goins,

A plot change on the popular reality series Big Brother has caused such a strong reaction amongst fans, that it has led to an online petition.

The change, a part of a larger “Armageddon” style twist, nixes the usual elimination method. Normally, viewers of the show vote on who gets evicted from the Big Brother house from a handful of nominees, and the housemate with the most votes is eliminated. According to Entertainment Wise, in the next episode, scheduled to air Monday July 14, housemates will vote on who should get evicted in front of each other. This would, of course, take away control of who goes home from the show’s viewers.

The petition, titled “Big Brother: Don’t Ditch the Public Vote,” calls this new elimination model “unfair” and asks that Big Brother parent companies Channel 5 and Endemol honor Big Brother’s typical style of weeding out contestants.

“For five weeks viewers have been spending their money voting to evict the housemates they don't like (or try to save the housemates they do). By removing the public vote from any eviction now, you are essentially undoing the hard work of those who have voted, and sending out a message that you don't care about what viewers think as long as you bank their money.”

The petition, which needs 500 signatures has already gotten 532 signatures so far and will still be online for a few more days before being sent to Channel 5 and Endemol. The signers did not mince words when sharing their displeasure with the show’s new direction.

“So, basically, we don’t decide…way to undermine your own marketing,” one signer named Jessica B. said.

The petition will remain live until 10:00 a.m. Monday, July 14, and will then be emailed to Channel 5 and Endemol.



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