New casino boat stuck on rocks with 123 people aboard

By Michelle Kapusta,

Things did not get off to a good start for a casino boat on a maiden voyage after the ship hit some rocks and left dozens of passengers stranded on board.

WTOC reported that the U.S. Coast Guard said The Escapade struck the rocks off the coast of Georgia and is now stuck near Tybee Island.

The Associated Press noted that Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Anthony L. Soto said that there are 123 people aboard the ship. Ninety-six of them are passengers and the other 27 are crew members. He also said that so far there have not been any injuries reported.

The Coast Guard was alerted that the 174-foot-long ship had run into trouble just after midnight. Although the details have not yet been disclosed, officials said that they are hoping to evacuate the passengers on Wednesday afternoon.

Everyone on board is said to have life vests on while they await the rescue.

The boat is currently stranded a little over a mile away from the popular vacation island near Savannah.



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