New short film 'Duet' from Disney veteran Glen Keane

By Aubrie Reichardt,

Glen Keane, the man behind family-loved Disney films like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin has now come out with a stunning short film, Duet.

Disney and Disney Pixar are both known for having shorts before their feature films in theaters. Even though this animator has retired from Disney, he still has his sharp animation skills as he proves in this new short.

At Google’s I/O conference, Keane’s hand-drawn short film is for Google’s new ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) Project. Duet is one of three shorts in a new series called Spotlight Stories for mobile devices, according to Indiewire.

What makes Duet so special is the old school hand-drawn technique used to create it. The other two shorts in the series, Windy Day and Buggy Night, are more about the advanced computer graphics separating them from Keane’s Duet, reported CNET.

Keane is a brilliant past Disney animator that has animated many films for the company. Duet is a beautiful piece that shows the growth of a couple over time. The two start as babies and chase each other throughout the over three minute short. The use of the hand-drawing technique is what captures the emotion in this film.

Duet will come out later this year but only to devices with the proper hardware.



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