New study finds smartphones becoming more addictive

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

A new study conducted by Bank of America has revealed that many users would rather stop consuming alcohol, chocolate, coffee, or watching television than give up their mobile devices. Over 47 percent of consumers in the United States admitted they would not be able to last one day without their phone.

Bank of America surveyed 1,000 smartphone users with accounts at the bank. Although a nationwide survey, it focused on major areas like California, Chicago, and Texas. The study also took a look at the use of mobile banking apps; 58 percent of participants were recorded to have used mobile check deposits, Headline and Global News reported.

Among the results, it was found that consumers find that mobile connectivity is "critical" and an important part of everyday life. Those considered "younger users" of electronics were also more adamant about their importance, reports The Legacy. They more often ranked their devices of higher importance than even deodorant or toothbrushes.

The official study can be found on the Bank of America website.



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