News reaches Frankie Grande at 'Big Brother' house over grandfather's passing

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

It has only been hours since news broke that Ariana and Frankie Grande’s grandfather has passed away following his battle with cancer and now the Big Brother star has found out.

Grande took to Twitter this morning to share the news by writing, “I lost you to the summer wind,” and it was only a matter of time until her brother learned the news as well despite her promise made to Frankie that she would keep their grandfather's fate a secret until after his time on the show was over.

Bustle reports that producers gave Frankie a letter from his family informing him of the news. Grande will remain in the house but will also give a eulogy on Big Brother After Dark and has asked to write a blog post to explain his reasoning’s to remain on the show.

It is incredibly rare for show producers to break the rules and allow news from outside of the house to come to contestants, as this has not happened since 9/11, says TMZ.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Grande family.

image via INFphoto.com



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