NFL teams split $6 billion in revenue from last season

By Robby Sabo,

Green is the only real color that seems relevant in the world of sports and the National Football League has had great experience with that color in recent times.

On Thursday, it was revealed through the Green Bay Packers' finances that the 32 NFL teams split $6 billion in revenues last season, according to ESPN.com.

The Packers released their financials Thursday and claimed they received $187.7 million in revenue. Getting to the $6 billion is easy when realizing they represent one of 32 teams.

Most of the money that the league divides consists of its monster television revenue, which is equally shared. This concept, which was unselfishly spear-headed by former New York Giants owner, the late Wellington Mara, has taken the NFL into the stratosphere of popularity.

Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy said that total revenue jumped 4.3 percent from the prior season, according to Yahoo Sports. In fact, since 2006, the league’s total revenue has rose an incredible 56 percent.

The machine that is the NFL keeps on growing. This upcoming season will see the biggest jump, as the new Thursday Night programming goes to new partners in CBS, which will push the league’s media revenue to an incredible $5 billion. This does not include the $1 billion DirecTV contract, which expires after this upcoming season.

So as the NBA and LeBron James dominate the headlines this summer, just remember who is king in this country: the NFL.

image of Peyton Manning courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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