NJ Gov. Chris Christie pushes for pension reform in action movie trailer

By Daniel S Levine,

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is about to tour his state to make a push for budget and pension reform. To kick off the tour, his office posted an action movie-style trailer that was quickly removed, likely because of the overwhelmingly negative response the video got on YouTube.

The 90-second clip was for a ‘movie’ titled No Pain. No Gain., and featured Christie explaining why pension reform is needed. According to USA Today, Christie predicts that there is a “looming crisis” if reform doesn’t happen. The state’s budget issues are blamed on pension obligations and retirement benefits.

“There is no other way to fix a severe problem like this but with pain,” Christie says in the clip.

The governor’s office set the video to suspenseful music and even included a shot of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson at the end.

While pension reform might seem like a joke for the governor’s office, many were not happy with it. NBC40 reports that the video has since been taken down. However, like everything else on the web, it is not completely gone.

“The governor's bizarre Hollywood fantasy is not the action drama his team imagines,” Chairman John Currie of the New Jersey State Democratic Committee said in a statement. “It's a horror film that never ends.”

Christie is supposed to be making appearances around the Jersey Shore to talk with residents about reforms. He had an event scheduled for last night, but it was cancelled due to the weather.

image courtesy of INFevents.com



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